Pod256, a weekly Bitcoin Mining News & Analysis podcast.

Focused on mining, energy, and proof-of-work - hosted by Rod @bitkite and @econoalchemist. Running from January 2023 - Current.

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The Hash Cast, a podcast for Bitcoin home miners. [Archives]

Produced from December 2021 until December 2022. A short show focused on mining Bitcoin at home. Episodes were recorded every 2,016 blocks at the time of the difficulty adjustment.

This show offered you a chance to catch up on the last ~2 weeks of Bitcoin mining stats, news, developments, home miner setups, and any breaking privacy implications.

During the show’s production, it was sponsored by: Upstream Data & Braiins

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Hell or High Water, a podcast on injustice.

Although not directly related to Bitcoin, this podcast tells a story relating to the struggle for freedom, the abuses of power from oppressors, and how a family has been shattered by injustice. I hope that this brings awareness not only to my friends' unfortunate situation but also to the harsh realities of the criminal justice system and how it is continuously encroaching on the freedoms so many of us take for granted.

A multi-series amateur podcast about a brother & sister fighting to be reunited despite the brother's 120-year prison sentence. Nathan & Allysa Jordan have been separated since Nathan was arrested for the last time 20 years ago. Even though no one was physically harmed on Nathan's way to prison, due to the then-existing Three Strikes law, he was sentenced the maximum penalties for his felonies, 120 years plus an additional 45 years running concurrent for a grand total of 165 years. Each episode is a recorded phone conversation between Nathan & Allysa, we follow up some episodes with a short dialogue and some of Nathan's poetry. Through these episodes we attempt to tell the story of their lives from childhood to current day. Nathan has made some bad decisions, but none that justify this kind of punishment, come hell or high water, we will continue fighting for Nathan's release.

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To learn more about Nathan & Allysa’s story, please visit their change.org page or check their Facebook page for updates.