Generally speaking, it is good practice to use a P.O. Box when ordering Bitcoin related products or materials. This helps prevent your exposure to risks associated with data breaches. If you have any suspicion that your device was tampered with in transit, contact hello@foundationdevices.com.

The Passport is shipped in a white cardboard box with a blue tamper-evident security seal. There is nothing on the outside of the box which indicates it has anything to do with Bitcoin. The number printed on the security seal is not recorded by Foundation Devices, but the initial batch of Passports all shipped with label numbers that start with B722, B732, or B733. If the tamper-evident tape is disturbed, it will reveal the word "VOID".

Inside the cardboard box you will find a bubble-wrapped box containing the Passport. This inner box also has a tamper-evident seal on it. You will also find some stickers and a note card with some basic explanations on it about your new Passport. The founders edition includes a miniature copy of the Bitcoin white paper printed in the form of a passport.

After removing the bubble wrap and cutting the tamper-evident seal, inside the inner box you will find your new Passport. Underneath the Passport you will find two AAA batteries and two 8GB microSD cards.

All together, everything necessary to get started is included. The Passport measures 108mm in length by 38mm in width.

To get started, simply remove the magnetic cover from the back of the device and insert the included AAA batteries. The back of the included informational card has a QR code that you can scan with your phone to visit the Foundation Devices setup page.

Next, you'll see how to power on the Passport and verify the supply chain check to ensure the device is genuine.